Ami Kim: Impellitteri - Stand in Line drum cover b

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(Genre : Heavy Metal, Hard Rock)
1988 Stand in Line
Original drummer : Pat Torpey

Used instruments :Ludwig
(10,12,13,14,16, and 22(2ea) SN 14X5)
Zildjian A custom Cymbal set.
Meinl Classic custom Cymbal set.
Paiste Rude China 18'
Zildjian S Splash 8"
Zildjian ZXT trashformer 14"
Tama mini timbal 8",6"

Pearl Eliminator pedal and wood beater.
Stick : Regal tip - Rock

Video equipment : Sony Action cams, iphone 6+

Ami Kim is heavy metal female drummer in south Korea.

Impellitteri - Stand in Line drum cover by Ami Kim(#91)