Thomas Lang: playing "SOBER" featuring Ginny Luke

Ginny Luke is an incredibly talented artist (singer, violin, keyboards) from Los Angeles who I have been working with for quite a few years. We wrote a bunch of songs together which I hope to release at one point in the future. Ginny also recorded vocals on my upcoming album "Progpop" which will be released in July 2019. I recorded this play-through performance of "Sober" for Meinl cymbals a couple of years ago, and for all you fellow drum-geeks- the song has an interesting groove that involves a foot-pandeiro, foot-crasher, Rata-tom and my Thomas Lang "Super-Stack" cymbal that kinda resembles a handclap-sound. It's a pretty chill tune and tons of fun to play

Thomas Lang playing "SOBER" featuring Ginny Luke (not a "Tool" cover)