Tamu Murata: Yakudoshi Drum cover

This time, I tried to play the original song Yakudoshi by Ikejiri's key body striker Kiko who is taking care of me in various situations! ! It is a very favorite song! The original picture here ♫ → https://youtu.be/iilmHvrLG3Q Please

check the following about Ikejiri house! ! "Ikejiri's house" "Ikejiri's house" Bs: Ikejiri Haronsuke Key: A couple's prog unit composed of Ikejiri Kiko. He loves DreatmTheater and features music centered on progressive metal rock.


"You can buy the sound source from here" · Kurosawa Daisuke solo album "BLACK ALBUM 2"

Yakudoshi Drum cover

TRIX/First Time Drum Cover

SYMPHONY X / Nevermore Drum Cover

It is a video of the instrumental session by drum tmtm, bass Juna, and the instrument group of 3 persons of guitar Uni from the one-man live of SORAMIMI held in Shinjuku ReNY on March 27, 2016. There are many other highlights of SORAMIMI's one-man live! There are lots of things that only one man can do! Next time one man live! 【SORAMIMI One Man LIVE "Step Up !!!" ■ 【Osaka】 9/17 (Sat) Venue: Shinsaibashi American Village CLAPPER ■ [Tokyo] 9/25 (Sun) Venue: Shibuya TSUTAYA O-WEST Ticket Pia 0570-02 -9999 P-Code: 298-368 Lawson Ticket 0570-084-003 L-Code: 76856 Please take this opportunity! ※ Please reserve Osaka One Man Ticket from the official website. SORAMIMI are ... Vo.YAKA (Yaka)   https://twitter.com/yakamaru_
Gt.UNI (Uni)    https://twitter.com/unisoramimi
Ba.Juna (Juna)  https://twitter.com/JunaSerita
Dr.tmtm (Tum Tam)  https://twitter.com/tmtmskn

SORAMIMI official HP  http://soramimi-band.com/official
Twitter    https://twitter.com/soramimiband

SORAMIMI one-man instrumental session