Meytal Cohen: Meytal - Broken Circus Ride

New MEYTAL Album 'The Witness' Coming March 2019!
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Vocals & Guitars: Sahaj Ticotin
Lead Guitars: Travis Montgomery
Drums: Meytal Cohen

Hi my good ppl!

Super excited to share you the first music video from the new MEYTAL album 'The Witness', coming March 2019!

Huuuuge thanks to the super talented crew & cast who worked to make this video come to life! This whole production was a step up from what I'm used to - it was shot on a sick Sony RED camera, we had lighting people, extras, assistants running around, and I even got to have my own personal make-up artist on me the entire shoot to make sure I look super depressed. AND speaking of that, did you see my video boyfriend cheating on me with that gorgeous floozie??? what the h3ll man, I thought we were gonna be together forever!!! in all seriousness though, I'm really stoked to be releasing this into the world!

Another video will follow of the main single.. lot’s of good things are in the works and I even signed with a legit management to push this release in the real world (to compliment my already very special online fam supportage - YOU) so it’s most possible that if the stars align just right, you might just hear MEYTAL on the radio pretty soon.

Meanwhile. 'BROKEN CIRCUS RIDE’!! Lior calls it Broken Cymbal Ride 😅 but fret not, my ride is a 22’ heavy hammered cymbal, so really there’s very little chance for that happening. 👍

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Meytal - Broken Circus Ride