Maru Martinez, Meytal Cohen: Lamb of God - Omerta - Co-Lab Cover

This is a collaboration cover of Lamb of God's Omerta!


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Hello my good ppl

the 2nd Co-Lab track is HERE - OMERTA!

for those of you who missed out on the first Co-Lab video, this is an awesome new format I’m trying out. love to be able to feature these aweeesome musicians from all around the world and create new versions to these already sick-a$$ songs. to tell you the truth, bringing these to life is not a simple undertaking which is why I avoided doing full-on covers for so many years, but since my good ppl on patreon fund my videos, we can take the time and make that sh!t work.

with that said, I would like to thank this hhhamazing group of musicians…

Maru Martinez on guitar - so calm and composed while totally killin it. and she’s actually the girlfriend of Anup Sastry which happens to be a beast on the drums...just saying these two need to produce children stat.

Jamie Hush on bass, has the live show vibe going at full force, he really did a good job at liven up this video no?

Markus Kristoffersson on vocals - believe it or not I found him searching YT, he’s from Sweden, and had a vocal cover to a different Lamb Of God song up, really saved my a$$ cause I couldn’t find anyone that came close to nailing this. haha!

Lamb of God - Omerta - Co-Lab Cover