Sina: Subdivisions (Rush); Drum cover by Sina

There were many requests for this one!

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My equipment:
Kirchhoff Schlagwerk

Meinl Cymbals (Pure Alloy Series)

Evans Drumheads

Beyerdynamic mics (snare/toms/hihat/Overheads)
& headphones (DT 770 M)

THE SONG - "Subdivisions" was co-written by the three members of the Canadian rock band Rush - Geddy Lee (vocals, bass, keyboards), Alex Lifeson (guitar), and Neil Peart (drums, backing vocals). It was written and rehearsed in early 1982, recorded in April 1982, and released as a single on May 15, 1982. It was one of four singles released from their album 'Signals' which itself was released later on Sept 9, 1982. As with most Rush songs, the lyrics were written by Peart. Lifeson and Lee wrote a number of musical ideas to suit the words. The song tells the story of oppressive life and social expectations in housing subdivisions, malls and schools and an outcast youth who is not cool enough to associate with his peers.

"Subdivisions" had an unusual Billboard chart performance - on their Mainstream Rock Songs chart it peaked at #5 on Oct 9,1982, after three weeks on that chart. The song remained within the top 20 up to Nov 6, 1982. It bounced back into the top 10 on Nov 27 and again on Jan 1, 1983. "Subdivisions" then hung around at various positions before apparently last being charted at #55 on April 9, 1983 after 29 weeks on the chart.

THE DRUM COVER - Neil Peart told 'Modern Drummer' that he had a lot of favorite drummers - Bill Bruford, Keith Moon, Carl Palmer, Phil Collins, and more. As a kid, although he started on piano, at 13 his parents paid for drum lessons and he eventually learned rudiments and "flashy things" like double hand cross-overs. He generally played with the butt end of light sticks and used both matched and conventional grips depending on the song. He had the insides of all his drums, except the snare, lined with a thin layer of fiberglass to kill the overtones. Peart was also known for his drum solos. He released a DVD "Anatomy of a Drum Solo" to show how to construct a musical rather than indulgent solo. Afflicted with chronic tendonitis and shoulder problems, Peart retired in December 2015.

With her brand new wooden shell drum kit and Beyerdynamic mics, Sina is well equipped to take on Neil Peart's "Subdivisions" drum part. She's had some practice - on Mar 7, 2015 she published her drum cover of one of Rush's best known songs "Tom Sawyer" which you can check out in her old videos (link removed)

THE ICON - Niki would like all who are interested to know that her hair is brown but it looks reddish under red light, light brown under light brown light and black under black light. Well, that's what she said. Can't really argue with an avatar...

Subdivisions (Rush); Drum cover by Sina