Alex Rudinger: Extol - "Betrayal"

I don't really do a WHOLE lot of covers these days JUST for fun - usually, if I'm covering a song that I didn't write, it's because it somehow pertains to a job (like the recent Bad Wolves video, or the Periph/BTBAM covers, being that I transcribed books for Matt & Blake). But this tune is indeed something I did just for fun, & had been wanting to do for awhile!

Extol's self-titled album is easily one of my favorite metal albums to be released in recent years. The production is incredible & the songs are great. They're a fairly unknown band too, so definitely check out the record if you haven't heard of them! I contacted the band & asked if they'd be willing to send me an album stem to use for a video mix, & I was very stoked that they were in fact willing to! "Betrayal" is one of my favorites from the album.

Mixing was done by Adam "Nolly" Getgood, & as per usual it sounds absolutely phenomenal. Nolly is not only the BEST IN THE BIZ, but also an exceptional human being. If you're looking for mixing / engineering work, please contact him using the link below! Drums are 100% natural (kick too!).

Side note: There is only distorted guitar predominantly on the left side (while the bass & clean guitars are stereo). This was the only stem the band could find, so I had to work with what I got! Nolly tried to center it a bit but could only go so far without causing some phase issues. So for all you audiophiles out there, I figured I'd provide this disclaimer!

Used my new Tama SLP Dynamic Kapur kit. Specs are as followed -

14x8 Tama Starclassic G-Maple Snare Drum (thanks to Andy Stark for letting me borrow it!)

Meinl cymbal setup is as followed (from left to right, if sitting behind the kit) -

18" Byzance Brilliant Medium Crash
10" Byzance Dual Splash
15" Byzance Dual Hats
19" Byzance Brilliant Medium Thin Crash
22" Soundcaster Custom Mega Bell Ride
18" Pure Alloy China

Remo Drumheads used in this video -

Coated Emperor over Hazy Ambassador on Snare
Clear Emperor over Clear Ambassador on Toms
Coated PS3 over Fyberskin Reso on Kick

I proudly endorse Tama Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Vratim Drumshoes, Reflexx Practice Pads, 64 In-Ears, Gator Cases, Trick Pedals, & Tunerfish Luglocks.

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As always, thanks for watching & stay tuned for more !

Alex Rudinger - Extol - "Betrayal"