Meytal Cohen: Drums Only: Pantera - Cowboys From Hell -

Published on 29 Jun 2018

New MEYTAL original video up for my Patrons 👉

Heya my good ppl.. typically I only share my Drums Only videos with my Patrons, but I thought I’ll make this one public in memory of the one and only Vinnie Paul.

Vinnie was a true icon and a huge inspiration to so many drummers, including myself. I was lucky to meet him on my band's tour when we played in Las Vegas. Pretty sure he was there to see Queensrych and just happened to sit through our set since we were the warm up act, but still...I haven't played many shows in my life so it's pretty cool to think that he got to see what he in a way inspired into being! RIP Vinnie!

I covered quite a few Pantera songs, but this is still one of my all time fav Pantera tunes! major props to my mixing engineer Mazen for a killer drum mix, he tried to match it to Vinne’s sound and I think he came pretty damn close!


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