Meytal Cohen: Asking Alexandria - Into The Fire - Drum Cover

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Never covered Asking Alexandria before, but I've been getting requests, and figured it’s 'bout time I make an effort to cover what "the kids listen to these days” #barf #old haha. but no, seriously this song is cool. so it’s ok. how do you like my rocking out vibes? you know I’m on a mission to reduce souch-age/increase intensity. is it working?

And while I have you here, I’ll go ahead and REMIND you that I’ll be having my first solo show/performance/talk (even tho it’s not really a solo show cause my bassist Anel will be there to jam with me) this coming April 23 at the EL CID theater, working on a new format. trying to lure you in. you are NEEDED. It will be fun. maybe. so COME:

if you’re far, don’t travel like some of you lovelies sometimes do. let’s let it simmer for a while. you can fly out to the next one, or better yet, maybe I’ll fly out to you. this msg is NOT intended for LA ppl. - LA ppl do NOT let it simmer. have it NOW. have it fresh, fuckups and all.





Asking Alexandria - Into The Fire - Drum Cover By Meytal Cohen