Neil Peart: Cotton Tail with drum solo 1991 at NYC

Atma Anur: Intro from Cacophony's Burn The Ground- as originally recorded

Wayne Salzmann II: 'Funk Norris' (with FREE PLAY-ALONG TRACK)

Lindsay Artkop: Switch Kick by Ahead Demo

Sina: How to play Jump - drum tutorial

Bruno Valverde: with Fernando Molinari, Davi Filho: Tropical Rain - super fusion trio!

Atma Anur: Greg Howe's Kick It All Over

Jully Lee: Tagma Metal Project

Yael: System of a Down mashup

Emily Gould: Hit Like A Girl 2015

Jessica Anderson: Hit Like A Girl 2015 Finalist

Elise Trouw: Hit like a Girl Contest 2015 Finalist

Sozo Diamond: I Am Machine - Hit Like A Girl 2015

Faith Benson: Hit Like A Girl Contest 2015 Finalist

Milana Nigro: Tom Sawyer - Rush - 8 year old female drummer - Hit Like A Girl Contest 2016

Melanie Jo DiLorenzo: Guns N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine

Ana Barreiro: Hit Like A Girl 2015 Submission

Lozz Benson: Solo Drum Female

Jessica De Vries: Drumtek - Female Drummer competition 2016 Technique Category

Sarah Lavinia Feenstra: female drummer and vocalist

Paige Jones: Eye Of The Storm - Killswitch Engage

Kelsey LaPiano: A Day To Remember - Bad Vibrations

Kynwyn Sterling: Hit Like A Girl 2015

Brooke Colucci: Tool 'Forty Six and 2'

Billy Dead: We Are Kings drum cover - The Dead Deads

Senri Kawaguchi: The kimono drum performance 着物でドラム