Mike Malyan: plays "Aestivation" by Benjamin van Geest

Hey youtube fam!
I did some session work while I was at Babylon Studios, and recorded a couple of tracks for Benjamin van Geest.
This is one of the two tracks, specially recorded again just for the video's - the album version is more of a traditional recording, punched in for each section and focused on each section under the magnifying glass =D

I proudly endorse Meinl Cymbals, Vibe Drums + Vratim Drum Shoes. I opted for all Evans Drumheads on this video - they are proving themselves to be incredibly versatile and consistent!

Recorded at Babylon Studios
Videography combined between Babylon Studios and Myself
Audio Mixed by Preben Raunsbjerg
Video edited by Myself


Conjecture Views

1.The Lesser Light 01:52
2.Archonic Picnic 01:53
3.The Future Past 06:44
4.Enochian Calls 06:05
5.Crash Retrieval 05:17
6.Breakdown Breakthrough Breakout 09:56
7.Are You Sirius? 03:52
8.Origins 07:05
9.Early Warning 05:21
10.Conjecture Views 06:08

This album has been an absolute labour of love from start to finish. I'm very proud of my first full-length album and proud as well to have worked with some incredibly talented people who loved participating when I asked them for this project. 'Conjecture Views' has (at least in my opinion) a lot to offer to people who like progressive music, fusion and even metal. I drew inspiration from a lot of bands and artists who inspired me over the years and still do to this very day. I hope you love the album as much as I did making it. Cheers!

Benjamin van Geest

Benjamin van Geest is a multi-instrumentalist and composer. He's been heavily influenced by 70s progressive rock acts like... more


released July 15, 2016

All music written, arranged and performed by Benjamin van Geest

Benjamin van Geest: all electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, drums, synths and samples.

Ronny Heimdal: guest guitar solos on 'Enochian Calls', 'Are You Sirius' and 'Breakdown Breakthrough Breakout' and keyboard solo on 'Are You Sirius'

Preben Raunsbjerg: audio mix & mastering, fretless bass on 'The Future Past', fretless bass solo on 'Enochian Calls', second guitar solo on 'Are You Sirius' and 'Origins'.

Mike Malyan plays "Aestivation" by Benjamin van Geest