Alex Rudinger: Periphery - "Catch Fire"

To purchase Matt Halpern's Drum Transcription Book for 'Periphery III: Select Difficulty' (transcribed by me!), click below -

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Much like my other Periphery covers, I wanted to make a video that showcases some of the drum work on P3 & how the Transcription Book can be applied. Transcribing P3 for Matt was a pleasure - As a fan of the band & his work on the drums, I thoroughly enjoyed going through each & every detail of his performance. I always pick up new ideas when I get that personal with someone's drum parts; almost as if I'm in their head, getting a first-person view of their vision behind the kit.

I chose "Catch Fire" as it's my personal favorite track from P3. I've also included the bar-by-bar notation on screen this time, so you can get an idea of what you'll get from the book. The notation here is slightly altered to match what I played in this video / recording, which is still very close to what Matt played on the album. I wanted to stay true to the original transcription/parts to showcase them, altering only subtitles to work on my setup.

Mixing for this video was done by GOOD BUDDY / fellow bandmate, Derya "Dez" Nagle. To contact Dez, follow the link below -

Meinl Cymbal setup used (from left to right, if sitting behind the kit):

-18" Pure Alloy Medium Crash
-15" Pure Alloy Medium Hi-Hats
-8" Byzance Brilliant Splash
-10" Byzance Brilliant Splash
-20" Pure Alloy Medium Crash
-22" Pure Alloy Medium Ride
-20" Byzance Brilliant China

Tama Starclassic B/B Drumset:


14x6.5 Tama Re-Issue Bell Brass Snare

REMO Coated Emperors on Toms & Snare, Coated PS3 on Kick

PLEASE NOTE: This video was recorded BEFORE I switched to the Trick Pro1-V Bigfoot pedals. Furthermore, my VRATIM Drumshoes had deteriorated (QUITE an old pair, sole was ripping off), and I had a short window to record before leaving again for a Good Tiger commitment in London. So I had to wear a different shoe as my new Vratim's had yet to arrive in the mail. I am NOT switching to another shoe, I very much love the Vratim's!

I proudly endorse Tama Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, Gator Cases, 64 In-Ears, Vratim Drumshoes, Reflexx Practice Pads, & Trick Pedals.

Alex Rudinger - Periphery - "Catch Fire"