Andrew Scott: Dan James Griffin - 4am - Drum Cover - HD

This dude's newest (as of today (18/10/17)) record is out tomorrow and it is siiiiick! I put together this video because the record is just that goddamn good.

Get it here!

Mapex Saturn IV Drums (+ 14x6.5 Pearl Brass Snare)

Sabian Cymbals
- 16 Paragon Crash & AAXplosion Crash as hats
- 22 Omni
- 22 HHX Legacy Heavy Ride
- 21 HHX Legacy Ride
- 16 HHX Ozone on top of 8 AAX splash
- 18 HHX China

Remo Heads
- Emperor on Snare
- Vintage Ambassador on the toms
- Coated Powerstroke III on kick

- 2x Rode NT5s overhead
- Sennheiser e901 inside kick
- AKG D112 outside kick
- Shure SM57 (top and bottom) on snare
- Sennheiser e604s on toms
- MXL 840s on ride
- AKG C391B as mid room
- Sontronics STC3X as far room

Edited, mixed and everything else by me!