Anika Nilles: Those Hills [official video]

"THOSE HILLS" + DRUM LESS version available on Itunes & Amazon Anika Nilles - Full Album "Pikalar" (including Those Hills) available here: DIGITAL HARD DISK HARD DISK ************************************** Those Hills written by Anika Nilles produced by Joachim Schneiss
co produced by Anika Nilles guitars - Joachim Schneiss
bass - Frank Itt
keys - Maze Leber
drums / keys - Anika Nilles
percussion - Max Groesswang
trumpets / Sax - Ryan Linvill and Joshua Shpak audio recordings at Liner Studios / Walldorf / Germany
audio recorded and mixed by Joachim Schneiss at Liner Studios assistant engineer / Christoph Oswald
assistant / Laura Ries
assistant / Holger Ilg video recording - Adam Haranghy
assistant / Nico Stumpe
video editing - Adam Haranghy
 -------- F U L L E Q U I P M E N T L I S T --------- 
Tama: Star Bubinga Drumset
main Snare - Starphonic aluminium
side snare - slp series -big black steel Evans Drumheads: Toms - EC2
main Snare - Hd dry
side Snare - onyx
BD - emad onyx Beyerdynamic: Kick - D71c, D70d
SN Top - M201
SN Bottom - TG35d
Toms - TG D35d
SN 2 Top - M201
SN 2 Bottom - TG35d
HH - M930
Crash Trash - M201
OHs - M840
Room rear - M160
Room Front - TG50d Meinl Cymbals: Byzance Vintage Hihat 16"
Byzance extra dry crash 20"
small stack:
Byzance extra dry splash 12" top
generation x -filter china 14" bottom
trash stack:
Byzance extra dry crash 18" top
Byzance extra dry china 16" (matt garstka signature stack) bottom
Artist concept models - Anika Nilles Signature "deep hats" 18"
Byzance vintage crash 22" Meinl Percussion ching ring

Anika Nilles - Those Hills [official video]