Tamu Murata: INSPION with Soramimi super drummer Tamu Murata - awesome new rocking JFusion from Japan

We are not an artist but a group of sound creators.
It is a professional sound production studio which can direct the requested project to the utmost attractive by the power of sound. When culture develops, there is a process of creating new ones through inspiration from past works and cross-cultures.
The same sound. Infinite inspiration is always spreading because it is invisible, unformed. We maximize sound inspiration "INSPION" with information power obtained from abundant production experience and unconventional technology and add
new value and originality to your project.

Music & Arranged: Daisuke Kurosawa
Band Member:
Daisuke Kurosawa(Gt), 
Takeshi Kuramochi(Key), 
Tamu Murata(Dr), 
Tetsuya Ueda(Ba)

Mixed: Yamato
Sound Produce: Takeshi Kuramochi