Murata Tamura: drum live digest video

I am a pattern of solo live Murata Tam! It is!
The next time drum drum live Vol.3 is decided, so if you see this movie a little even though it seems to be a little fun, please come to the venue once ♪

Picture: 5/15 Drum Live Vol. 2
BGM (Drum ): Murata Tamura
editing, photography: Matsuzaki Ao

【Murotatamu drum live Vol.3 held! ]
~ Already September?! Regret is not! ~
2017.9.11 (Mon.)
OPEN 19:00 / START 19:30
All Standing 3,000 ¥ (Tasu 1D)

Muraatamu drum live digest video

5/15 second solo live announcement video (first digest)