Devikah: Mononoke Hime - All That Jazz and Thomas Pridgen - Meytal's "Hypnotized"

The drum set is a Sakae Rhythm Almighty Maple in silver sparkle.

The following components were used for the video:

22"x18" bass drum;
12”X8” rack tom;
10"x7" rack tom;
16"X14" floor tom;
14"X14" floor tom, and;
14"X6.5" snare.

More information on this quality kit can be found here: .

The cymbals are Murat Diril:

21" Hommage ride;
20" Artistic Arena crash;
19" Artistic Mosaic crash;
14" Artistic hi-hat;
10" Artistic Black Sea splash, and;
18" Renaissance Light China.

More information on these quality cymbals can be found here: .

オールザットジャズ Mononoke Hime - All That Jazz - Drum Cover by Devikah

Thomas Pridgen - Meytal's "Hypnotized" - Drum Cover by Devikah