Muratamu: drums live Vol.2 ~ go Let's go of the day's yo - Independent Production DVD Digest Movie!

Muratamu independent production, drum DVD digest video!
2017.4.30 (Sun) Tokyo Distribution Center M3 (sound system · media mix doujinshi sale) will solve the hands of the person himself copying! It is!

And how! 5.15 (Monday) TSUTAYA O-WEST solo live will be handled in goods sold!
For special guests, invite the popular "Nyannotate" with Yuru Character Drummer and collaborate ♪ Invite a great musician to play that song in full band! Do not miss this one!

【Murata Tamamu hyper drum training! ]
Cast: Muratatamu, mystery fool Tech drum teacher of
Executive Producer, General Director: Daisuke Kurosawa
2017/4/30 (Sun) Tokyo Distribution Center
M3 (sound system and the media mix coterie sale Association)
Circle Name: Muratatamu drum DVD production Committee Kai
location: second exhibition hall 2F
space number: co--22b

[! Muratatamu drums live Vol.2 ~ go Let's go of the day's yo ~]
Dates: May 15, 2017 (Mon)
opening 19:00 / opening 19:30
Advance sale \ 3,000 / the day \ 3,500 (extra drink fee required)
Special guest: Nyanko-sama
support band: Vo. Yusuke Takahashi , Gt. Kurosawa Daisuke, Gt. Ba. Tetsuya Ueda, Key.
Ikejiri Kiko ☆ General ticket on sale ☆
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