Muratatamon: Lupine The Third Theme Drum Cover

【Muratatamon 's Sooner Solo and Solo Live Holding Decision! 】
■ Date and time: February 14, 2017
■ Location: Shibuya TSUTAYA O-Crest
■ Time: Venue / 19: 00 opening / 19: 30

Girls band SORAMIMI's tmtm (Tamutami) Murota Tamu's Solo Live with Solo It is!
For luxurious guests, Mr. Nozomi is a popular comedian's Chidori!
And it will be a varied event with contents welcoming the artists who co-starred with X JAPAN copy videos too! Maybe you can listen to that song live? It is!

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I tried to hit the song I wanted to do forever!
The drum set I used is Silverstar of TAMA!

Shooting / recording:
Yokohama Sara studio ----------------------------------------------------- -------------------------
born September 25, 1992 Yokohama city
originally started playing drums from the age of 15, studying under Mr. Masahiko Noguchi, Mr. Mulmulmi .
Activated as a drummer of Girls band SORAMIMI from February 2014 in full swing.