Senri Kawaguchi: The Gift

The Gift

Inaugurated on October 28th 1886, more than being an important monument in New York, has become one of the strongest symbol of the United States of America, and generally, freedom and fight against oppression. This statue was part of the first vision of the United States for millions of immigrants, after a long Atlantic crossing. The Statue of Liberty, it was also a gift from France to the United States…On October 28th, we’ll celebrate the 130th anniversary of its inauguration. It is obviously the right opportunity to offer a new gift to the United States through a musical work by the name of THE GIFT.

In order to realize this, Francis DECAMPS, the composer and keyboarder of this project has been inspired by Antonin DVORAK’s New World Symphony, himself inspired by the native music of Indians, which he has modernized, according to his own statements. It’s an exceptional and grandiose work born out of a crazy project, but such exciting.