Nick Pierce: Mass Effect 1 Drum Medley - Part 1,2 and 3

Medley arranged by Nick Pierce using sections of the Mass Effect original soundtrack. I do not own rights to any of the music contained within this video.
I arranged this piece while on tour with Unearth, it was a long process requiring a lot of drum programming in Superior Drummer! Not to mention mapping out all the tempos from the Mass Effect Soundtrack, arranging the tracks and ultimately piecing together this medley. The full version is over 12 minutes long so I cut it down into 3 parts which will be released throughout the Fall of 2016.
Video footage was recorded at Fastback Studios in Shoreline Washington.
I proudly used the following setup in the studio:
-Tama Silverstar Drums in Chameleon Sparkle-
8", 10", 12", 16" Toms
20" Kick
Tama SLP Sonic Steel 6.5x13 Snare
Tama Speed Cobra Pedals
Tama Road Pro Cymbal Stands
-Zildjian Cymbals from Left to Right-
19" A-Custom Ultra-hammered China
14" K Light Hi Hats
17" A-Custom Projection Crash
11" K-Custom Hybrid Splash
17" K-Custom Hybrid China / 9" K-Custom Hybrid Splash (Stacked)
12" A Splash
19" A-Custom Projection Crash
21" A-Custom Mega Bell Ride
10" Trashformer
21" A-Custom Ultra-hammered China
Promark 5B Forward Balance Acorn Tip
Evans EC2 batter heads on toms, G1 resonant
Evans EQ2 on kick
Evans Hybrid on snare batter, Hazy 300 on snare resonant
Puresound Pro Series 20 Strand Brass Wires
Cympad Chromatics Cymbal Felts
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Nick Pierce - Mass Effect 1 Drum Medley - Part 3

Nick Pierce - Mass Effect 1 Drum Medley - Part 2

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