David Diepold: Nile - The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh

Hello everyone!

This is a cover version of 'The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh' by Nile.
Needless to say, that I’m a huge George Kollias fan, due to his methods and flexibility.
I think he was one of the drummers who brought me to “Metal”. Since Annihilation of the Wicked I more or less studied his kind of drumming, his set up and his approach to this extreme style of music.
As you can tell it’s a fast one and I had to practice a lot to get back in shape. I really like fast songs, but it’s nothing I would play all day long in my rehearsing room. So once I decided to do this cover, it took me about two weeks to get the required power and endurance to nail some accurate tracks.

Here is the drums-only version:

Very special thanks to my buddies Bartol and Reinsn from bazn sounds & records, Sebastian form DreamCatch Audio!!!
I also want to thank Dieter (and everyone who's involved) from Murat Diril Cymbals for always supporting me the best possible way - THANK YOU!
Another special thanks goes out to the local Arts- and Music-School in my hometown (Deutschlandsberg) where I recorded everything. It’s actually the concert hall where I had my first “concerts” as a young student and so it just felt great to come back after more than 15 years. As a kid I never understood how important the environment you’re drumming in is for your wellbeing and of course for your sound. And this big wooden room, whit all it’s warmth just feels and sounds absolutely incredible!
Which leads to the next point:

Except for the bass drum and (not even half) of the snare drum, all the drum sounds are natural and as pure as possible. We spent a lot of time to set everything up! I also switched sticks – from regular 5a to 3a to get more power, but not by necessarily swinging the stick higher or hitting any harder but because of its shape.
For the bass I used a standard sample from the Steven Slate foundry and for the snare I mixed signals (about two thirds natural sound with eq, comp and just a little verb; and one third is again a standard snare from the Steven Slate foundry. I had to pitch the sound of the sample, so it would match my real snare and it’s just for the attack during all the blast beats.)

Furthermore I used
Dixon MBS shells (2x22", 8", 10", 12", 13", 16", 18")
p.d.p. Limited Edition 20ply Snare with Die Cast Hoops (14"x8")
Axis A Longboards
Roland SPD-S for triggering (bass drums)
And Murat Diril Cymbals:
20" t(h)rash crash with 6” renaissance splash on top
18" blast china
14" blast china
20” rock mega bell ride
14" custom arena hi hat
9" mini hats (renaissance splash bottom, luminous splash top)
7" & 8" renaissance splash
17" fast crash
16 speckled crash
18" fast crash
10" stack
18" rock china
19" rock china
22" rock mega bell ride
11" black sea hi hat
12" black sea trash hats
21" custom crash/ride

Nile - The Inevitable Degradation of Flesh Drum Cover by David Diepold