Aquiles Priester: Wake Up - Noturnall's new single!

With another overcoming history marked the band's career, the revival comes in the form of music!
With a special video full of unreleased scenes from a documentary being made by the band since its foundation and crossover.
"We went through a lot together and we are in the process of making it turn a documentary, this clip shows a bit of what we collected. We were very happy to be able now to show a little of what's to come in the next Noturnall actions that way! With a new single! " Say Junior Carelli, Fernando Quesada and Thiago Bianchi
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Song Writing: Quesada, Orlando, Bianchi, Carelli, Priester
Lyrics: Bianchi e Orlando
Audio Production: Thiago Bianchi
Video Direction: Juninho Carelli e Thiago Bianchi
Edition & Post production: Juninho Carelli
Logo & Arts: Carlos Fides

Wake Up - Noturnall's new single!