Virgil Donati: The Dawn Of Time

‘The Dawn Of Time’ has been a monumental work for me to complete, the culmination of many years of work. With a street release date of September 15, it’s available right now for pre-order, and instant download only from my SpinShop, two weeks before the official release date.
For this huge enterprise, I made a decision against the trend of crowd funding, devoting all my time and effort to the writing and playing of the music itself. To this end, your support is invaluable. Please visit my SpinShop:

“The recording places the drums at the center of a vast, contemporary orchestral production. A combination of amazing musicians and orchestral virtual instruments allowed me to conceive and bring to life this massive musical undertaking. I found the orchestral palette gave me the textures, timbres, soundscape to enhance the rhythmic explorations of the drums, putting it to the service of music. The bass and drums are the impetus behind this music, with the orchestra arousing emotions, taking us on a transcendent journey.”