Jordi Geuens: Selah Sue's drummer - dutch

Jordi Geuens .... Since 2011, drummer for the famous Belgian artist 'Selah Sue. Jordi experimented been working with electronic instruments, but their need is highest in this band was. The Selah Sue music whatsoever evolved into the pop genre where drums could use an "electronic" touch. The current "hybrid" setup Jordi is what it is. An SPD-SX Sampling path, an RT-30HR acoustic drum trigger and the KD-140 kick pad. Outside the use of these electronic instruments includes a laptop with Ableton Live to setup Jordi. In this video you will learn more about Jordi, his drum setup, how to use your hybrid drums and how this self-applied at Selah Sue. This are therefore used some Selah Sue songs that clarify a few things.

Selah Sue's drummer (Jordi Geuens) legt uit hoe hij Hybrid Drums gebruikt