News: Porter & Davies Currently On Tour with James Bay, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Bring Me The Horizon

Porter & Davies Currently On Tour with James Bay, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Bring Me The Horizon

The famous Porter & Davies silent tactile monitors are on tour globally with some of the world’s best artists this summer.

Bob Hall with British rock band Catfish and the Bottlemen are on tour in the USA. Talking about the BC2rm Bob said, ‘The BC2rm combined with my in-ear monitoring completes the gigging experience for me. I now actually physically feel like I'm playing a show and that what I do translates to the audience. I love it when the kick drum is a chest-pounder in the crowd, and now I get that when I play too. What a game changer!’ Meanwhile fellow Brit Matt Nicholls of Bring Me The Horizon is now out touring Europe. His tech says ‘We rely on this insanely fundamental concept to create the next dimension to the drummer's gig…and now own P&D rigs worldwide. Three identical BC2 saddle style tops and backrests with reinforcements (for Matt to stand on) and 4 engines…. If you haven't checked them out already, go and give them a follow to keep check of all their great products.’

Irish drummer Gerry Morgan who plays with British indie rocker James Bay is out on with his BC2. Plus Steve Barney is playing drums with the aid of his BC2 on Anastasia’s Ultimate Collection tour. Other British drummers out and about this summer with their P&D kit are Kenney Jones of The Small Faces, Faces and The Who, David Baynton-Power with James, Jim Macaulay with The Stranglers and Dave Mattacks.

American artists are getting in on the act too. Omar Hakim, one of the most successful drummers and session men of the past thirty five years has purchased his first P&D rig. Steve Smith of Journey is currently on tour with his BC2 across the USA as is John Tempesta with The Cult. Steve DiStanislao is accompanying Dave Gilmour with his BC Gigster on the Rattle That Lock tour. Jonathan Joseph has just purchased his second rig ready to go out with Jeff Beck and Kyle Stevenson with Helmet joined the P&D gang when he purchased a BC2. Barry Kerch and top USA band Shinedown have just bought their second BC2 and will be using it on their European tour. And it’s not just drummers – Top USA drum tech, Jerry Johnson, who works with Mariah Carey, is also buying a BC2. Plus, some people simply cannot get enough of P&D’s gear – Charlie Benante has just acquired his third BC2 for the Anthrax European tour dates.

Elsewhere in the world Orri Páll Dýrason, the drummer with Icelandic post rock group Sigur Ròs, will be touring this summers festivals, including Glastonbury, with his BC2.

Julian Chambers who plays with Beverley Knight, Raleigh RItchie and Olly Murs is very busy this summer. He says ‘People often ask, what's in your little green box? Then I show them, and allow them to experience the awesomeness and their life is changed forever....and that's the keyboard player!!!’ Groovemeister and Peter Gabriel’s drummer Ged Lynch will be touring the USA and Canada alongside Sting with his BC2. He thinks ‘the BC2 is wonderful, it physically connects you to what you play...I once thought of it as an indulgence, it's quickly become essential.’

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