News: Porter & Davies Help Deliver ‘The Moment’ In The West End

Porter & Davies Artist and UK based multi-percussionist, Will Fry is using the BC Gigster playing in the blockbuster Motown The Musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London.

The BC Gigster is part of the Porter & Davies innovative, world-leading tactile monitor range for musicians. The easy to use, ‘plug-in and play’ BC Gigster translates the music being played into a powerful and nuanced experience that can be FELT and HEARD internally by musicians through bone conduction.

The live music of musicals needs to capture and engage theatre goers to deliver ‘the moment’, leaving audiences whistling and singing the songs as they go home. An immersive musical experience comes from musicians who ‘feel’ the great sounds they perform.

Will says ‘the BC Gigster has turned my personal in-ear monitoring system into a whole body experience, which sounds and feels fantastic. With my set up at Motown The Musical in London I can hear the majority of the low end music through the BC Gigster throne, giving the headphone mix space to hear the key higher frequencies. The sensation of being very much inside the sound enables me to feel connected with all the musicians I am playing with, even when they are in a different room!’ He added ‘the highlight of the show for me is ‘War’ at the end of the first act, hearing and feeling all the baritone sax, toms, and bass through the BC Gigster is like playing in a stadium gig – I sit there with a huge smile on my face - every time.”

In addition to Motown The Musical, Will has worked on a number of other West End shows including the Lion King international tour. He has also worked with Jamiroquai, Duffy, Roy Ayers and Baaba Maal. He is looking forward to taking his BC Gigster on tour later in the year with internationally acclaimed soul and jazz singer- songwriter, Ola Onabule.

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