Alex Rudinger: Periphery - "22 Faces"

For those who haven't heard, I did the transcribing work for Periphery's Juggernaut: Alpha - The Complete Drum Transcription by Matt Halpern. I thought some of you might like to see those transcriptions put to good use in the form of a cover!
I'm a long time fan of Periphery & all of the guys in the band. They continue to set a shining example of what you can do with dedication, honesty, & hard work. Truly an exceptional group of human being's that continue to inspire! It was a privilege transcribing Juggernaut Alpha for Matt - make sure to pick up a physical or digital copy today!
Physical Prints -
Digital Download -
As per usual, mixing was done by good buddy/sick guy Adam "Nolly" Getgood. If you're in the market for brilliant mixing/mastering/engineering, please contact Nolly using the link below -
Drums were tracked at Mystery Ton Studios in Monrovia, Maryland with my good buddy Kenny Eaton. It's a great room with great rates! Contact Kenny for more information here -
Equipment list...
Starclassic B/B in Smokey Indigo Burst w/ Black Hardware
14x6.5 Tama Re-Issue Bell Brass
Meinl Cymbal setup (from left to right if sitting behind the kit)
18"/12" Stack (MB20 18" Rock China Bottom, 12" Gen-X Filter China Top)
18" Byzance Traditional Medium Crash
14" Byzance Brilliant Medium Hi-Hats
10" MB20 Rock Splash
8" Byzance Brilliant Splash
20" Byzance Traditional Heavy Ride
19" Byzance Traditional Medium/Thin Crash
20" Byzance Brilliant China
All Remo Drumheads - Clear Emperors on toms, Clear PS3 on kick, & Coated Powerstroke 77 on snare
Drums are 100% natural.
I proudly endorse Tama Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Remo Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Gator Cases, 1964 In-Ears, Vratim Drumshoes, & 2Box Electronics.
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Alex Rudinger - Periphery - "22 Faces"