News: Finalists Announced In 2016 Hit Like A Girl Contest

Girls and women from 41 countries participated in the 2016 Contest

Under 18

There were 23 finalists chosen in the Under 18 category including:
Anna Mariko Seymour (US)
Becca Webster (US)
Ciara Connelly (US)
Devikah (US)
Faith Benson (US)
Gina Eterovich (US) Kat (Ukraine)
Keyleigh Morpeth (US)
Leah Bluestein (US)
Mana Fukuda (Japan)
MariEvil (Canada)
Issey (Indonesia)
Milana (US)
Molly Flores (US)
Molly Rose (US)
Najwa Rashika (Indonesia)
Natalia (Poland)
Natalie Depergola (US)
Nur Amira Syahira (Malaysia)
Pauline Roberts (Argentina)
Payton Taylor (US)
Sophia Hanley (US)
Sophie Drummer (Ireland)

Over 18

There were 25 finalists chosen in the Under 18 category including:
Adina Kumar (India)
Angel Knotts (US)
Bianca Richardson (US)
Brittany Harrell (US)
Dee Bradbery (Australia)
Helen (Dominican Republic)
Jasmine Kayser (US)
Jazmyne Evans (US)
Jiaqi (China)
Julianna Mascia (US)
Kate Siefker (US)
Kaylee Preston (US)
Kiana Gibson (US)
Lada Obradovic (Croatia)
Laura Coral (Colombia)
Megan Luce (US)
Misaki Nakamichi (Japan)
Paulina Vera (Chile)
Rhythmiss (US)
Rikki Woods (US)
Theresa Stark (Germany)
Vicky Reader (UK)
Victoria Seagriff (US)
Whitney Sellers (US)
Ylva B (Norway)