Sina: Chi Might; Album of the Year Kickstarter

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After 10 months of recording I'm so excited to announce the release of my first album for June 2016. At first we planned a 'digital only' release but the overwhelming response so far has encouraged us to launch a kickstarter campaign and to go for a physical CD release. If you like what we do make sure to support our release and get a signed CD copy shipped all the way from Germany!

Album of the year

Ok, this is not going to be THE album of the year but certainly MY album of the year. I started my YouTube channel 2.5 years ago and I'm literally blown away by the response of all my subscribers. But I did not want to go ahead playing one drum cover after the other (although that would have been the logical thing to do). Instead I wanted to create original music. Last year I asked musicians and songwriters via YouTube to contribute to an open music project and again the response was overwhelming. We started recording and releasing one song after the other on my YouTube Channel and now it's about time to prepare a proper CD release.
What's the point?

You think that all modern Pop music sounds just the same all the way through? That's what I tend to think if I listen to music on the radio. It's all basically the same, very little is actually played by hand by real musicians. It's all about the producers and singers, instrumental parts don't happen anymore and if they do they are edited out for mainstream radio (at least this is true for Germany!)

I was eager to break the rules for our album. I invited players that can actually play (check out Dennis Hormes on guitar!). Artists of 10 different countries are involved, including countries like Bangladesh, Turkey, but also USA, England and Canada. Every song features different players and singers who perform in different styles, so each song has a different vibe (and a different singer!) You can listen to all songs released so far on YouTube: Chi Might Project
What do we need money for? 

At first we planned a 'digital only' release (no actual CD copies) but your overwhelming response encouraged us to go for a proper CD release which kind of blows our budget. We need money to pay professionals involved (e.g. for mixing & mastering, artwork etc.) and we need to find a way to distribute the CD copies worldwide. We also would love to pay out at least a little share to all collaborators involved. Last but not least it's important for us to spread the word. If you like our work please support us and pick one of the rewards.
Chi Might; Album of the Year