Anup Sastry: Skyharbor - Evolution Play Through

Watch in HD!!! This is a drum play-through for a song titled 'Evolution' by Skyharbor. Its off of our latest release titled 'Guiding Lights'. This was a really fun song to play live with the band. Its filled with energy and upbeat sections, but it still gives a lot of room for improvising and messing around. As I've said about previous Skyharbor songs, I love playing this material because it has so much room for interpretation!

I tracked this video a few months ago, soon after I had just switched over to Tama drums. This is why you'll notice an older mic setup compared to some of the videos I've uploaded as of recent.

I've posted my kit specs below.

Tama Starclassic Birch Bubinga in Lacquered White Oyster

12" x 8" Rack Tom
14" x 14" Floor Tom (left)
16" x 14" Floor Tom (right)
20" x 16" Kick Drum
14 x 6.5" Starclassic Bubinga Snare Drum

All hardware is Tama

Speed Cobra Pedals

My cymbal setup is listed below (from left to right)!!!

- 14" Byzance Medium Hats
- 18" Mb10 Heavy Crash
- 20" Byzance Dark Ride
- 18" Classics Custom Powerful Crash
- 16" Mb10 Medium Crash
- 18" Byzance China
- 18" Classics Custom Extreme Metal China

Vic Firth MS2

Anup Sastry - Skyharbor - Evolution Play Through