Kris Gustofson: Interview with Trauma drummer on Sailaway.

Trauma is one of those classic Metal bands that are enjoying a sort of a second youth due to the rise of the internet. New generations are more interested in their material because of the aforementioned cause and with the reissue of their first and only album until this year, Scratch and Scream from 1.984, the band based in the Bay Area got together again after almost three decades and released their second work, Rapture and Wrath. If you’re metalheads who are looking for old school Heavy Metal with lots of NWOBHM influences, this is your band.

Of course, they are mostly known for being the band where Cliff Burton played before joining Metallica but let’s look beyond that. I have become a follower of the band and being amazed by their work, so I wanted to bring to the Blog someone from Trauma to talk about several matters of the band’s history. I tracked down their drummer, Kris Gustofson, so we could do an interview and talk about different aspects of the band and his career. I got some interesting insights from him and I hope you can all enjoy it.

KT: first of all, thank you for doing the interview, Kris. It's a pleasure. Well, let's talk about the new album, Rapture and Wrath. I listen to it a lot these days and I even wrote a review about it; it's a really good old school Heavy Metal work with lots of NWOBHM influences. Tell me a bit about the making of the album and how it came together.

KG: thank you for your interest in Trauma. We are glad that you like the record. We decided to do another record after all these years since the Scratch and Scream record was being re issued again. We just started writing some songs and eventually we had enough to do a new record.

Full Interview - Sailaway