Professor Phil Moriarity: The University of Nottingham crowd-sourcing project analyzing the physics and art of drumming

Professor Phil Moriarity at The University of Nottingham is crowd-sourcing a physics graduate project analyzing the physics and art of drumming. The original paper authored by Elsa Rasanen is titled: Fluctuations of Hi-Hat Timing & Dynamics in a Virtuoso Drum Track of Popular Music Recordings analyzes Joe Pocaro's (genius) playing on Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgetting." Now they are extending the scope of their analysis to include other players and styles and are crowd sourcing for videos from other drummers to add to the project.

The next song/artist they are analyzing in comparison to "I Keep Forgetting" is, "Tom Sawyer" by Rush.

Part One of this video:

Professor Phil Moriarty explains an experiment and wants drummers of all skill levels to take part. More from Phil:

Tom Sawyer by Rush

The paper which inspired this research (and discussed in the first video):

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