News: LP Gets RAW - An All-New Percussion Line Designed for the Street, the Studio and for Everyone on the Stage


An All-New Percussion Line Designed for the Street, the Studio and for Everyone on the Stage

(10/28/2015 – Oxnard, CA) The newly launched RAW Series from Latin Percussion (LP) ushers in a new generation of street-inspired, percussion instruments and accessories that defies musical boundaries. Designed for drummers, percussionists and beyond, the industrial-looking line includes Street Cans™, Potz®, the Trash Snare™, and the Jangle Bell™. Also introduced alongside RAW, and designed to integrate with the line are three, versatile Sound Enhancer™ clip-on accessories. Together, LP Raw and Sound Enhancers inspire limitless sonic possibilities for every musical genre.

LP Raw Street Canz™ deliver thunderous punch and explosive power courtesy of a 1mm beaded steel shell. Available in 14”x14”, 16”x16” and 18x18”” sizes, these single-headed toms we designed to amp up the performance of front-of-stage players, drummers, and even DJs.

The Trash Snare™ is hybrid instrument that can easily transform from side snare, to timbale, ocean drum, metallic street percussion instrument and more in seconds. Made in the USA, from a repurposed, galvanized stainless steel trash can lids, the tunable Trash Snare™ comes with a Snare Wire Sound Enhancer.

Hand-welded in the USA by the same craftsmen that make LP’s famous line of cowbells, LP Raw Potz® mark a completely new concept in metallic percussion. Potz® deliver the tonality and musicality of bells in a distinctive new cylindrical shape. Placement is easy with LP’s new multi-diameter eyebolt mount.

The LP Raw Jangle Bell™ is a hybrid bell that combines LP’s renowned, Classic Ridge Rider® build with three, internal nickel-plated steel jingles at the mouth of the bell. The Jangle Bell™ offers a completely new sound that was created to be percussively unique, yet versatile. Also includes the latest patent-pending spring loaded mount that fits most rod sizes.

Sold separately, but intended to work with RAW are a Sound Enhancer Jingle, Shaker and Mini Snare Wire. The JingleEnhancer features three nickel-plated steel jingles on a durable plastic clip designed to magnetically attach onto any flanged counter hoop. The patented Shaker Sound Enhancer from LP has three floating modules filled with shaker material that produce a subtle yet audible rain-like sound. The Snare Sound Enhancer* incorporates 16 steel snare strands that rest firmly against the drum head, producing a distinctive and crisp buzz. All Sound Enhancers work with RAW instruments or any triple flanged counter hoop. Excellent for adding new sound options to drum kits, percussion rigs and more.

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