Coop3rdrumm3r: How To Learn Songs Quickly

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0:13 - Song: Disturbing
4:01 - Jared Falk Intros Cooper
9:44 - Song: Big Band O’ Funk
12:34 - Lesson: Learn To Listen
15:59 - Lesson: Get The Groove
19:28 - Lesson: Jump In And Jam
22:17 - Lesson: Ready The Road Map
28:45 - Lesson: Polish The Product
36:03 - Song: Country Train
38:11 - Song: Funky Walker
40:40 - Q/A
58:55 - Song: Tone Def

Casey Cooper, or “COOP3RDRUMM3R,” as he is more commonly known by his YouTube handle, was born in Arlington, Texas, but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Casey plays in a wide variety of gigs, everything from rock bands to churches, orchestras to solo performances, but is best known for his entertaining videos that he posts on his YouTube channel. His goal is to share his life as a drummer and inspire others to work hard, follow their dreams, and have fun playing drums and music. He is always posting new videos showcasing that love and passion for drumming and performance and his YouTube channel now boasts over half a million subscribers, over 128 million views and brings in over 5 million views a month.

Watch Casey as he makes his Drumeo debut with a lesson on "How To Learn Songs Quickly".

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Pearl Drums
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Special thanks to Brandon Toews for letting us use his new Pearl Masters drum-set!

Coop3rdrumm3r - How To Learn Songs Quickly (FULL DRUM LESSON)