Adam Tuminaro: The Orlando Drummer - The Stack Attack

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This "Stack Attack" groove is a unique collection of ideas that can be learned as is, or taken apart and used separately.
"The whole goal here is to give you these little phrases inside of what I think is a really interesting groove. And I want you to take your favorite parts and apply them to your own playing."
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Vic Firth Artist Adam Tuminaro is an online educator, better known as The Orlando Drummer. Adam teaches on a variety of topics, from drumming fundamentals, to advanced theories and concepts. Known on YouTube for his concise and clear delivery, Adam provides high quality drum lessons that make learning new material nearly effortless. With a large fanbase in the social media realm, The Orlando Drummer is taking on the drum education industry in a fresh and innovative way.

On, Adam hosts a growing library of over 200 downloadable drum lessons. Many of Adam's lessons are short and sweet; fill patterns, tricks and tips, and other concise lick lessons starting at $0.99. However, you can find more conceptual and advanced material in the Masterclasses, Boot Camps, and Lesson Packs. With over 30 hours of educational material, is quickly becoming a major resource for online drum students of all ages, styles, and skill levels across the globe. In addition to downloadable lessons, Adam often posts free content on the site, including blogs, gear reviews, and other industry news articles.

Adam is also a Satellite Instructor for Drumeo. You can catch Adam's Live Streaming lessons every other week at, or see dozens of his past lessons in the Drumeo Archives

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The Orlando Drummer: The Stack Attack