Meytal Cohen: Meytal - Immoral Exorcist (Live)

Meytal - Immoral Exorcist (Live)
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Sahaj and I were trying to come up with melodies and lyrics for the bridge and had nothing good, then Eric went for it and came back with this part. I think it's awesome! But yes, I am aware I might be a bit biased, so we'll wait to see what the YouTube committee has to say ;)

Huge thanks to Behringer for filming and putting this video together, to Sahaj Ticotin for writing these bad ass songs with me and for Eric Emery, Travis montgomery, Doc Coyle and Anel Pedrero for being so fucking awesome.

Thank YOU guys for showing up, for the hug, and for the high five - It was so cool to meet u!
can't wait for you to check out the full album later this year!!!!

Love you!



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