Sina: drums channel (official Trailer)

This amazing girl's drums channel features original songs plus drum cover of some of the greatest bands in Rock. Sina is the youngest professional female drummer in Germany. Please comment & share or visit her on Facebook:

My name is Sina, I'm basically a drummer but I also enjoy messing around with guitars, bass, keys and other stuff

I started drumming when I was 10. My dad is running a little studio so I found myself playing on my first couple of CDs rather quickly. In 2013 I started a YouTube channel and shared some cover versions of my favorite songs. The overwhelming response inspired me to take the next step creating original material. So look out for some stuff to come ;-))

Sina drums channel (official Trailer)


  1. I think it's pretty cool to see women in the in the music business it's awesome I had a guitar long time ago nothing but noise move to Houston forgot about any way your a very masrt young love that video chi night and Lauren isenberg ok well that it keep up the good work.


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