Gary Husband, Vinnie Colaiuta: Antoine Fafard -Occultus Tramitis also features ,Jimmy Haslip and Jerry De Villiers Jr

Antoine Fafard - Occultus Tramitis

Antoine Fafard - Occultus Tramitis

01. Shuffle It!
02. Riff & Raft
03. PolySeven
04. Same but Different
05. Five Course Meal
06. D-Day
07. Eternal Loop
08. Slash One
09. The Egg
10. PreSilence

Ad Perpetuum, released in October 2014, is bass player Antoine Fafard’s third album of new work, and features Vinnie Colaiuta and Jerry De Villiers Jr throughout the collection. Colaiuta’s extraordinary performances show why he is a true drum legend, while De Villiers Jr’s beautiful tone and inspired guitar work will prove irresistible to all fans of jazz fusion.

Additional guests include keyboardist Gerry Etkins on three songs and saxophonist Jean-Pierre Zanella on another three tracks. Another significant contribution comes from Gary Husband, who features on the intense drum duet D-Day.

Vinnie Colaiuta and Jerry De Villiers Jr were involved in the Ad Perpetuum project from its inception. A two-day session booked with Vinnie for January 2014 provided the deadline for writing the material, giving Antoine a three-month window to compose all the pieces for the album. This was the first time that Antoine had been challenged to meet a specific deadline for a personal project.

The music on Ad Perpetuum encompasses a broad spectrum of grooves and atmospheres. A conscious effort was made to offer a multitude of tempos, time signatures, structures and harmonic variations in order to showcase the virtuosity of the players. De Villiers Jr’s incredible guitar playing and tone brings a deep vitality to the music, while Colaiuta’s playing is simply flawless.

“Antoine’s music is really cool… it’s very challenging… he’s a wonderful musician.” - Jimmy Haslip

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