Anika Nilles: "Chary Life" and "Alter Ego"

Song written & produced by Anika Nilles
Guitars / Joachim Schneiss
Bass / Frank Itt
Synth & Rhodes / Daniel Hofstaetter
Additional Keys Programming / Anika Nilles

Camera & Video Editing / Alexander Kuepper
Recorded and mixed by Joachim Schneiss @ Liner Studios

The Meinl cymbals which I use in the video are (from left to right):

Byzance 14" Vintage Pure HiHat
Byzance 20" Jazz Extra Thin Ride (used as a Crash)
Byzance 6" Splash (on top)
Generation-X 14" Filter China (Bottom)
Byzance 12" Splash (Top)
Byzance 22" Vintage Pure Ride
Byzance 18" Pure Crash
Byzance 18" Jazz Extra Thin Crash (BOTTOM)
Byzance 18" Vintage Trash Crash (TOP)

Mapex Black Panther (Black Widow)
22x18 Bass Drum
10x07 RackTom
12x08 Rack Tom
14x12 Floortom
14x5 Snare Drum

Aquarian Drumheads
Vic Firth
Ahead Cases
Slapklatz Damper

Drumrecordings with Audient ID22 and ASP880 interface, preamps, converters. Thanks to Simon Horn (Audient Germany).

Anika Nilles - "Chary Life"

Anika Nilles - "Alter Ego"