News: Protection Racket Redesign Website

Protection Racket are pleased to announce the launch of their new, completely redesigned website. The new, fresh looking site is now more closely aligned to the company’s philosophies of keeping it simple, easy to use and having fun.

The website has undergone a complete overhaul to offer a clean, modern design with easy to navigate functionality. The content rich site makes it easy to find full details of the whole range of Protection Racket’s products, download the new catalogue, plus find specifics of the components that go into making these rugged, hardwearing cases.

Visitors to the site can check out many of the artists who endorse Protection Racket gear, read about them and see pictures of them proudly showing off their cases. Those keen to buy Protection Racket gear can bring up a list of worldwide dealers with a simple click of their mouse. There’s also a new Photo Gallery with a wide and varied ways Protection Racket cases are used!

‘We have been making cases for more than twenty years to the exact same specifications and using the exact same materials’, said Dean Bowdery Managing Director, ‘and although we have always have the mantra ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ we recognise the importance of constantly innovating and adapting our designs. The same applies to how we do business and the technology we use. So when we redesigned our new website we applied exactly the same approach. It is still recognisably Protection Racket, it still has loads of news, details of all the cases and the stuff we use to make them, but the website’s new, clean, modern design reflects Protection Racket as it is today, the improved navigation makes it easier to find what you need and we have added stacks of material about our artists we have never shared before.’

Check out the new website at for all the latest news on products, endorsees as well as their Facebook or Twitter pages.