Dennis Chambers: Groove and More with Scott Henderson, Brian Auger, Stanley Jordan

Dennis Chambers,Scott Henderson, Brian Auger, Stanley Jordan: Groove and More

Dennis Chambers: Groove and More/with Scott Henderson, Brian Auger, Stanley Jordan (Import)

Dennis Chambers (Drums); Scott Henderson (Guitar); Brian Auger (Keys); Stanley Jordan (Guitar);Jeff Berlin (Bass); Pino Nicolosi (Keys); Melissa Aldana (sax), Bob Crystal (Sax)Brand New Release from Drumming Powerhouse Dennis Chambers featuring all Star Lineup- Scott Henderson on guitar, Jeff Berlin on Bass, Stanley Jordan on Guitar and Brian Auger on Keys among others.

Track 1 Aircraft (feat. Brian Auger)
Track 2 Past and Future (feat. Stanley Jordan)
Track 3 Drums Solo, Pt. 1
Track 4 We Don't Know (feat. Dora Nic
Track 5 Virtual Life (feat. Scott Henderson)
Track 6 Fall Out (feat. Gregg Kofi Brown)
Track 7 Practice What You Preaching
Track 8 Running On Line (feat. Brian Auger)
Track 9 Drums Solo, Pt. 2
Track 10 Time to Time (feat. Scott Henderson)

DENNIS CHAMBERS "Groove and More" - NEW ALBUM (promo)