News: Hit Like A Girl 2014 - Last Chance

Hit Like A Girl 2014 - Last Chance

Hello contestants and supporters,

We're down to the final voting period for Hit
Like A Girl 2014. Here's what's going to
happen over the next few days. Next week
we'll start announcing the finalists of the
contest. They'll also be featured on a
Drum Channel special. Then the following week
we'll have a special show with judges and
guests on Drum Channel to look at the top
finalists and announce winners.

The purpose of the contest is to promote and
support female drummers, but more importantly
to give more women the chance and
encouragement to play drums. The example all
of you set with your playing enlarges that
opportunity for others.

Don't forget to get your friends to cast votes.

The Hit Like A Girl Team
Mindy, David, Jordan, Phil

PS. Want to support the cause? Get the Hit
Like A Girl tee.