Senri Kawaguchi: Sensational Senri Diners Club Social Jazz Session

【PV】 Diners Club SOCIAL JAZZ SESSION 2013-14

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[Diners Club Social Jazz Session 2013-14] you too, Blue Note and Crystal Kay and Mr. Lee Ritenour's and be able to co-star in Tokyo! To post a performance video, why do not you play in the Blue Note Tokyo?[♪ \ that now that I also appeared as a guest artist (^ o ^) /] Diners Club Social Jazz Session video contest.  [Application period]   February 11, 2014 November 28, 2013  [Special Live]   April 1, 2014 (Tuesday), Blue Note Tokyo  details ※ video post is here ↓ ↓ 

Http://Socialjazzsession.Com / entryHttp://Youtu.Be/bj0tv5TdNps where your JAZZ PLAY YOUR NOTE echoing player of "jazz response to vote for the video that you like to post. audience with video playing itself . audience voting assistance result of examination Mimori Takafumi Mr. Harada Kazunori and his colleagues have with the play was selected as winners yer is, Lee Ritenour with special live carried out in the Hall of Fame · Blue Note Tokyo jazz of Japan on April 1, 2014 you get the right to play with Crystal Kay and. " post entry also voted,   Mars and without hesitation please! Let's excitement with everyone.   (* ^ ▽ ^ *) ♪ ♪ Mars and look forward ----------------------- another version of this video are also available. 15 seconds Ver. → Http://Youtu.Be/4tAtGS3TPys 30 seconds Ver. →Http://Youtu.Be/4xuH_H88x90