Gary Novak: drum solos with Allan Holdsworth Poland 1998

Aquiles Priester: Midas Fate interviewed by El cuartel del metal about their upcoming album

Joel Maitoza: Former 24-7 SPYZ Drummer and Cage Guitarist Unveil New Band SEVENTRAIN

Meytal Cohen: All These Things I Hate cover

Meytal Cohen: Hypnotized - Original Playalong

Meytal Cohen: Maximum Meytal

Virgil Donati: with Kazumi Watanabe,Jeff Berlin - snippet of what you'll at the live show.

David Gilmour: Guitar player on drums - Heracy!!

Thomas Lang: Shane Gibson's StOrk - Broken Pieces - help them launch their 2nd studio album

Terry Bozzio: Drum Daze Columbus, Ohio 2009