Melanie DiLorenzo: Odd Meter Drum Grooves

Virgil Donati:delivers a cornucopia of guitar and drums for In This Life CD!

Deen Castronovo: Infra-Blue

Virgil Donati: Allan Holdsworth,Jimmy Haslip up for UK tour dates!

Virgil Donati: São Paolo Braguinha

Maciek Dzik: Disperse - Universal Love playthrough

Andrew McEnaney: Clockwork - Divided By

Aquiles Priester: Symbolic - Death 614,054 views!

Steve Shalaty: Immolation - Bound to Order

Riccardo Merlini: plays Hypnotized - illogicist

Camila Teixeira: Girls On Drums Festival 2013

Silvana Colagiovanni: Girls on Drums, Curitiva Brasil

Thomas Lang: Live - De Boerderij Zoetermeer - killer drum solo