Meytal Cohen: Maximum Meytal

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Finding our path in life is not always easy. Not all of us instantaneously know what we were meant to do. I can't tell you that I "knew" I was meant to be a drummer. It seemed fun and I loved music, but that was basically it.

I had a voice in my head telling me it was too late. And those closest to me said there was a "right time" for this, and that a few months before being drafted to the Israeli Defense Force was not it. But I decided to go for it anyways!

It's all about deciding to go for it. "Over thinking, over analyzing, separates the body from the mind". Don't let doubts and negativity stop you from trying new things. The more you try, the bigger chance you'll have for finding the things that make you smile, and inspire you!

If you're ready to learn to play the drums, or ready to take your playing to the next level, then I would love to be a part of your journey. It's why I created Maximum Meytal. It was very important to me that this training pack is solid, and that it has everything you need to know - from the very basics to the most complex beats and fills my brain can come up with!

It was a new and amazing experience for me to shoot the Maximum Meytal lessons, and one of the many amazing things that have happened to me thanks to your love and support. I can only hope my weird and surreal journey will inspire you to follow your dreams of playing the drums.


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