Meytal Cohen: Hypnotized - Original Playalong

Hypnotized - Original Playalong (Maximum Meytal) - Meytal Cohen
Download the MP3 and sheet music for FREE here: It was pretty cool to have to come up with my own parts as apposed to playing other ppl's drum parts! This is 1 out of 5 original playalongs that are included in Maximum Meytal - you can click the link below to download the drumless track and try out your own thing :) Love u, Meytal STIX / SHIRTS / POSTERS: ------------- FACEBOOK: TWITTER: CHANNEL: WEBSITE: ------------- meytal cohen "MEYTAL COHEN" MEYTALCOHEN MEYTAL COHEN meytalll MEYTALLL meytalsworld "MEYTALS WORLD" "MEYTAL COHEN WORLD" "MEYTAL COHEN'S WORLD" drum cover "DRUM COVER" drummer female "FEMALE DRUMMER" metal hard rock ask "ASK MEYTAL" maximum meytal "MAXIMUM MEYTAL" "DRUM LESSON" "DRUM INSTRUCTIONAL" "HOW TO PLAY DRUMS"