Meytal Cohen: Maximum Meytal - Free drum lesson videos!

Maximum Meytal - Free drum lesson videos!
New! Get my free drum lesson videos: I was up in Canada a couple of months ago and I shot some amazing drum lessons that I want to give you for FREE! click the link and sign up. I will not spam :-) ------------- SHIRTS / POSTERS / STIX: FACEBOOK: PERSONAL CHANNEL: WEBSITE: ------------- meytal cohen "MEYTAL COHEN" MEYTALCOHEN MEYTAL COHEN meytalll MEYTALLL meytalsworld "MEYTALS WORLD" "MEYTAL COHEN WORLD" "MEYTAL COHEN'S WORLD" drum cover "DRUM COVER" drum lessons "DRUM LESSONS" "Maximum Meytal" maximum meytal "HOW TO PLAY DRUMS" "DRUM INSTRUCTIONAL" how to play drums