Hannes Grossmann: "The Radial Covenant" indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

About "The Radial Covenant"


I decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign, because I want to have full artistic freedom for this project. Producing a professional metal album takes a lot of time, dedication and of course money. In days of constantly declining record sales, most record labels won't take the risk to finance your album and cover all the expenses necessary to get the best possible result if there's not a big name on the cover. My bands might be popular...as an individual I am not.
I want to deliver the best possible sound quality, have the best production possible for my songs and also have a great artwork in order to give my music a visional counterpart. If you agree with that, please help me to make this album happen!

What I Need & What You Get

The money will be used to produce the album and the t-shirts. There will be no personal enrichment with funds collected!

You'll get my best 45 minutes of progressive death metal OBSCURA style songs so far, including me playing drums and guitar. Here you get an idea of how it sounds:  http://igg.me/at/hannesgrossmann/x/28005

Hannes Grossmann - "The Radial Covenant" indiegogo crowdfunding campaign